Specializing in installing the highest quality misting systems

Our company specializes installing the highest quality misting systems for Residential, Commercial and industrial cooling applications. Our Mist Specialists create your misting system using your specific and unique specifications and requirements. Our Mist systems are known for Mid Pressure and High Pressure Misting Systems for patio misting.

Relaxing - Patio - Barbecue Pit - Pool Area Cool own with Mist R Fog! While many are sweltering and sticky in the desert heat, you will be relaxed, revived , refreshed and rejuvenated.

Nurturing - Landscape - Garden Area - Backyard Helps you to breathe easy by reducing pollen and dust. It promotes faster and better tanning. Misting systems help maintain and nourish a healthy environment for your plant life on patios and surrounding landscape.

Magical - Waterfalls - Sundeck Area - Gazebos Enhances the beauty and value of your home. Creating beautiful visual effects with Mist R Fog is easy with our professional staff. Enhance the soothing aesthetics of a fountain, waterfall, swimming pool, pond or other landscaping feature. Many variations of fog effects can be created, the system can be controlled to create a thick, billowy cloud or a thin wispy fog.

Value - Pet Runs - Greenhouse - Automated Controls Mist R Fog is energy efficient - Mist Cooling is one of the most environmentally sound methods of outdoor cooling available. The fog mist climate often substantially reduces the use of sprinklers and drip systems. Residential and Commercial installations are designed to meet both cooling and esthetic needs. Colorscan be chosen to match your existing exterior.

Our Mist & Fog Systems

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